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BackgroundCharlie Titherley

I studied an MSc in ‘Product Innovation and Development’ at the University of Brighton and in 2010 and attained a Distinction. My thesis, which graded at 85%, was the highest standing MSc thesis in the course’s history. In the same year I won the Santander Innovation Awards, and was shortlisted again in 2013.

Since that time I have worked on large, high-tech renewable energy projects (see ‘Solar Farm Design’ and ‘Starlight’ Solar Technology) Yet, I also have an on-going interest in working on smaller, individual product design.

I encourage anyone to come to me with their idea—big or small. I am first and foremost a Creative Entrepreneur and Developer and then a Designer, and so I have the artistically inclined perspective for originality and flair, yet the structured discipline to work to as precise and restrictive a brief as you would expect from an Engineer.

What makes me unique is that I am original, inspired and creative yet organised. I can take one idea and generate a whole collection of ideas off the back of it, manage projects and development, and help you bring a product from being just some vague idea in your mind or roughly sketched out on paper, into really, out there.

Large-scale Solar Farm Design

Solar Farm 1

Trimmers Solar Farm Project

Green technology and renewable energy is an area of particular interest to me.

A favourite project of mine is the development of a series of registered designs to retro-fit solar panels onto standard street lighting. Short-listed for the Santander Innovation Awards 2013, the Helios and Helianthus Solar Panels easily attach, along with a support structure, enclosures and LED arrays, on to existing street lights with the benefit of reducing carbon emissions and the cost to local government.

Read the case study to find out more about this fascinating project.

I have also collaborated in the development of solar farms with British Solar Power, drawing plans for both 3D images and animations for visual impact assessments, as well as site plans for development specifications.

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Product and Industrial Design/Development

Aero Flower Solar

Aero Flower Solar Panel Green Energy

Product Design and Development is a key area of my work, be it smaller shop items or larger industrial project. The process may start with consulting with you as the customer to talk about the authenticity of your idea, its market viability, protection of your concept and other key initial considerations.

From there the design and development process can begin. Hand Sketches, Computer Aided Design, traditional workshop made prototyping and modern prototyping processes such as Laser Cutting and 3D Printing can be utilised to create various prototypes as needed in the development.

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Printed Circuit Board / Electronics Enclosure Design

Enclosure Rendered

Enclosure Rendered

I have developed various PCB enclosures, prototypes and product concept designs. I specialise particularly in enclosures and pride myself on my capacity to create uniquely inspired designs that stand out from other more commonly boxy plain styles. I also aid in the evaluation of the internal space required and spacing of external components to help in overall product development when considering layouts of PCB’s and create visualisations and images needed for user manuals.

These kinds of projects work best when communication channels are open, to allow for enquiries into specific details from and to both parties, and after an initial meeting, can usually be performed via e-mail and telephone conversations to create ongoing and effective PCB enclosure design solutions.

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Signs & Architectural Features

Grow 40 Sign

Grow 40 Sign

Together with Alan Williams Metal Artist, we create bespoke internal and external Metal Signs, Features and Metalwork’s that that are designed to full size for fabrication.

Alan brings traditional smiting skills and contemporary artistic creativity to the table. I bring modern Computer Aided Design Skills; Innovative deigns approaches and 3D printing modelling capabilities into play. This means smaller 3D printed identical plastic representations can be created for use on cardboard models of building plans for architectural planning proposals. We work with small architect firms who are looking for metal work features for new builds or refurbishments, and firms who already have exterior features in production, and wish to outsource the model making of these features.

Also, if you are a Blacksmith/Metal Artist who is interested into getting involved in this area or requires CAD work and design input please get in touch. I am keen to work with new artist on potential projects.

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3D Printing

3D-Printed Vases

3D-Printed Vases

Thanks to 3D printing, the making of new products is changing. 3D printing allows an item to be drawn in CAD and physically printed as a real finished 3 dimensional object. Until 3D printing, if you wanted to get a plastic product made, you would have to approach a big design agency and pay a large charge for the design process, and even more for the production.

Thanks to my quality 3D printer and the design skills I can bring you product into reality. Simply come to me, I can design it, prototype it, adjust it, re prototype it, and produce it for an affordable cost. And when you are happy with it, I can produce a final prototype of your new product and, situation depending, even organise a mini production run. You can therefor trail sales without the huge financial risk.

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