Oh have you not heard? It was my understanding that everyone had heard…

Lets get to the point here. No one want birds crapping on their wing mirrors. It is clearly the case the the bird, is indeed, not the word. Yes I could get a car cover, but what the fun in that? Not when I can fabricate something a bit more interesting.



The idea of the design is very simple. I want to keep the bird off using something I can easily add and remove from the wing mirrors without leaving a mark. It seems clear that some shop bought anti-bird spikes and suction cups could be the answer.


The 3D printed element is the connector between the shop purchased parts, making the item durable outdoors, and with the suction cups staying firm on  the item even if pulled harshly off the wing mirror.


Kind of a bit of fun, ten mins of design project, but effective non the less! Keep away birdy.

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