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Multi-Functional vs. ‘The Camel’

Posted by on Jun 5, 2013 in Industrial Design | 0 comments

  There is a famous saying in design – ‘A camel is a race horse designed by a committee’.  Let’s not discredit clever multi-functional gadgets.  A great example of this design approach is the Franklin Step ladder chair: It’s a clever design of a chair that in one action flips over to become a step ladder.  It is multi functional yet still simple, with modest but clean graceful design, finished nicely, and suits its intended environment. It has two and...

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Computer aided design means both roles can now be fulfilled by the one.

Posted by on May 29, 2013 in Industrial Design | 0 comments

Traditionally the Industrial Designer and the Design Engineer have been considered separate roles. The advancement of computer aided design software is opening up the opportunity for a Designer to gain the skill sets to consider him/her self to be simultaneously a Design Engineer and Industrial Designer. This has the advantage that they can have a fully holistic understanding of any given product design.  Often clashes between the Industrial Designers and Design Engineer’s way of working are apparent.  The Industrial Designer may design to...

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