Design and 3D printing


Thanks to 3D printing, product design is changing.  3D printing allows an item to be drawn in CAD and physically printed as a real finished 3 dimensional object.  Until 3D printing, if you wanted to get a plastic product made, you would have to approach a big design agency and pay a large charge for the design process.  OK that’s reasonable, but next would then have to pay a huge charge of you wanted to get a mould made to have said item prototyped and produced.  So after this outlay, and if you are lucky that the design has gone perfectly to plan, it would still not be worth any of these costs unless you were prepared to manufacture a big run 1000 or so. That is assuming of course, with your new product in hand, that you are sure you can sell that many. This was simply not viable for most people.

Thanks to my quality 3D printer and the design skills I can bring you product into reality. Simply come to me, I can design it, prototype it, adjust it, re prototype it, and produce it for an affordable cost.  And when you are happy with it, I can produce a final prototype of your new product and, situation depending, even organise a mini production run.  You can therefor trail sales without the huge financial risk.

Please drop me an e-mail saying who you are and your project (via my contact page) or give me a call. I will get in touch and we can meet to talk about your new product further. I print in both ABS plastic and environmentally friendly bio plastic (PLA) in various colours.

Stand rendered

Product design costs:

You can hire me at my flat rate, holding all your IP/design rights as appropriate (see terms and conditions) at my fixed rate of £45p/h + production costs rates (3D printing)