What I Do

I can help you at all stages of your product development from the initial idea and sketches to drawing up a 3D model and coming up with variations, to  drafting blueprints and datasheets, and on to prototyping. I can design your product based around the manufacturing process you require and help you decide on the best options and manufacturing methods to choose. I’ll happily work to your specifications and guidelines in both engineering and aesthetic contexts. Whether your project involves 3D printing, laser cutting, drafting, photorealistic presentations (stills and animations), prototyping, or you just want something to look good, I can help you.

I work using 3D CAD to produce designs for product innovation and development, which can also be used as high quality rendered photos, 3D animations for presentation purposes and for drafting blueprints and datasheets. I can also supply all necessary CAD files for developers.

I also provide help with marketing and product positioning, further ensuring the success of your project.

Please contact me via email or phone with your requirements (see my Contact page). I am happy to schedule a meeting to go over the project outline and brief. Please email me your brief, sketches, ideas for your project, or any other relevant information. From there I will start the development process and via regular interactive contact and development meetings if required, I will help you to take your project from creation to completion.

Phone Stand (rendered)

Phone Stand (rendered)